Monday, July 5, 2010

Martin McGartland calls on Northumbria Police to carry out an independent internal investigation into leaks

Martin McGartland calls on Northumbria Police to carry out an independent internal investigation into leaks

The following is Martin McGartland's letter to Northumbria Police dated Monday 5th July 2010.


Dear Ms Aubrey,

Re:- Police Leaks of sensitive information concerning my 1999 attempted murder, misconduct in public office by those behind such leaks, abetting misconduct in public office.

Please can you confirm that Northumbria Police will now be opening an internal investigation into the leaking of information to media relating to my attempted murder case. This information was published in the News of the World on Sunday 4th July 2010;

Will NP also confirm that the internal investigation will be carried out, dealt with by an independent third party given the history between NP and myself. Such an internal investigation needs to be open, fair and also transparent so that I can have total confidence in same. If however, NP are not prepared to bring in independent third party, can you please write to me explaining why not.
I maintain that there is police corruption by officers connected to my 1999 attempted murder case and that they too are behind this latest leak of confidential information, including the damaging smears made by NP officers against me between 1999 and 2010.

There is also the issue of the News of the World newspaper, reporter aiding and abetting misconduct in public office by publishing such information and or protecting officer(s) involved. You will be well aware that this is not the first time Northumbria Police have leaked information about me, my attempted murder case. In 1999 NP officer leaked very damaging and untruthful information and lies about me when I was fighting for my life. NP told members of the press that my attempted murder was ‘nothing to do with the IRA’ and that shooting was ‘drugs related’ and that I was a member of a ‘drugs gang’. You also know I took legal action against your force and also many other newspapers who reported the lies, smears against me. I was successful in each and every one of those cases and the newspapers confirmed that they only printed the information which NP gave them because they believed it was accurate. However, the newspapers accepted, some in open court, that the reports were completely untrue and that I had not at any time been connected to or involved in drugs. The newspapers also published full and unequivocal apologies to me in their newspapers and each paid me very substantial damages and my legal costs were paid in full. I also retain sworn affidavits from each of the journalists involved, where they gave detailed accounts of what they were told on the day by NP and I also have recordings of other journalists confirming same. The truth was that NP did this to take the heat off themselves, to save face and or embarrassment, but the problem being, is that this has continued and has resulted in a full scale cover-up in my attempted murder case, which dates back to 1999 and has included Chief Constables from NP, many other senior officers, MI5, CPS and others. It should never be forgotten that it was NP who led the IRA men who tried to kill me on the 17th June 1999 to my door. This is also the reason why I say NP have for over 11 years now covered-up IRA involvement in my attempted murder. NP continue with that cover-up to this day.

There have also been other leaks by Northumbria Police, its officers. In 1999/2000, NP officers gave a local Newcastle newspaper reporter information about the amount it was costing NP to protect me. However, I am bound to say, if NP had never taken a malicious prosecution against me in 1997 in which I was found not guilty by a jury in 10 minutes, then they would never had needed to protect me because the IRA would never have known where I was or that Martin Ashe and Martin McGartland were one and the same person. It was NP who read out my name and even home address in open court and those details were published in national newspapers. During that court case, NP even told the court that I had not been kidnapped by the IRA nor had I escaped by jumping from a third floor window nor had my brother been kidnapped by the IRA and severely beaten and left for dead. NP deliberately lied and told the court that these things never happened and that it was a figment of my imagination. The problem was, NP knew very well that they did happen but decided to quite deliberately lie in an effort to try to discredit me in their bid to try to get a conviction against me at all costs, the Judge and the Jury saw through all of the lies and acquitted me of all charges within 10 minutes. NP and its Chief officers are continuing with a very deliberate, hurtful and damaging smear campaign, grudge and vendetta against me and this is affecting decisions, investigations and complaints relating to my cases where they are being whitewashed and covered-up and my human rights are being breached on a daily basis by NP and others and I am being discriminated against continually by NP and been subject to deliberate and very lengthy delays, all of which has caused me unbearable stress, anxiety and has had an effect on my health.

You will also know that NP employee was sacked for leaking confidential information about me in the past. Again, I was told little or nothing about the case and it was yet another NP cover-up and whitewash. All of this is taking place at a time when I am finding it impossible to get answers to the most simple of questions concerning my attempted murder case. Moreover, Northumbria Police continue to cover-up IRA involvement in my attempted murder. They are doing so when they are well aware that the IRA carried out the attack, the dogs in the street know it and NP are causing me great damage and stress by continuing to hide, cover-up in my case. Who other than the IRA would want to kill me and who would go to such lengths to do so.

It is concerning to me that the News of the World can publish information about my attempted murder and give details of who ordered my shooting when NP are telling me they don’t know who shot me after what NP have claimed to me, has been a thorough 11 year investigation but yet a journalist can print such information concerning my attempted murder. There are many unanswered questions in this case and NP, whether they like it or not, are going to have to answer those questions.
Please will you ensure that Sue Sim is sent copies of all correspondence in this, all other matters. I can confirm that I may well be making further complaints. A complaint I made against your previous Chief Constable has been in the hands of Northumbria Police Authority and they have still not investigated that complaint, subjected me to 3 year plus delay and despite requests by the IPCC to deal with my complaint, NPA continue to ignore same. I have had to make a further complaint against NPA Chief Executive in September 2009 and again, this has never been investigated and NPA are blatantly refusing to answer my emails concerning those complaints. All, any complaints I have been making against NPA, NP and even CPS, IPCC are being whitewashed. Furthermore, the SIO in charge of my case, (Mr Thomson), is in effect acting as judge, juror and executioner, given he is head of NP PSD (Professional Standards Department) and is investigating himself and finding no evidence of any wrongdoing against himself and or other senior NP officers..
I must ask that NP please email me concerning this matter as quickly as possible and give full details of what NP are going to do about this latest matter. I will forward a copy of this email to Chris Thomson for his information. I have already written to him asking if there is any truth in any of the claims published in the News of The World article and I await his reply concerning the same.

Yours sincerely,

Martin McGartland


Awaiting Reply from Northumbria Police, standby.