Thursday, June 24, 2010

Martin McGartland Says; Help the RUC Special Branch heroes.

Marty Says; Help the RUC Special Branch heroes.

These former RUC special Branch officers give their all and they must be compensated for their injuries.
I know, as someone who worked with SB officers between 1987-1991, what these very brave men and women went through.
It was constant danger 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days of the year.
Why did they do it? To protect the people of Ireland, north and south, from the bombers and killers of the IRA, INLA, IPLO, UVF, UFF etc. The brave men and women of the RUC special branch put their own lives in grat danger. They were expected to go into the loins den, to meet killers and to get the information from spies, informers and agents, the information that would be used to save life.
When the SB officers whent out they Never knew if they would ever return from such meetings.
The SB officers put themselves in great danger daily, day in day out. The information those SB officers obtained resulted in the lives, of a very large numbers of people, who would otherwise have been murdered, being saved.
We should be thanking the brave SB officers and ensuring they get the compensation needed for there injuries and the care they require.
If there is anything, anything at all that I can do to help these brave men and women just get in touch, via facebook, bebo, friend of friend etc.

Good Luck and god bless you all.

Martin McGartland


Killers who acted as informers could be publicly named as part of a legal attempt by ex-RUC officers to show the pressures they worked under, it has been claimed.

RUC stress case 'could name' informers

Killers who acted as informers could be publicly named as part of a legal attempt by ex-RUC officers to show the pressures they worked under.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

As the first 10 cases to be heard in a renewed post-traumatic stress lawsuit were identified, the most senior retired policeman involved in the action warned of the lengths they were prepared to go.

The former deputy head of CID in Belfast, who requested anonymity for security reasons, said: "The guys are saying they will be relying on facts and situations which they were placed in, vis-a-vis looking after killers and murderers who were also known informants.

"Effectively a lot of them are going to use these type of scenarios to support their illness. They were subjected to dealing with this type of thing on a daily basis.

"That's all going to be opened up in court, the names of informants and what the police were subjected to."

Detailing his own experiences, the ex-detective said he was seriously injured by an IRA bomb in Donegall Street, Belfast in the early 1970s and narrowly survived when INLA men opened fire on him in Newry, Co Down in 1987.

He is among scores of former officers planning to represent themselves as personal litigants after losing a class action against the Chief Constable.

Up to 5,500 officers had sued over how they were treated for anxiety and depression suffered during decades of exposure to violence.

They believed they secured victory two years ago when a judge ruled there had been systematic failures within the force.

But any hopes of a multi-million pound compensation award were then dealt a crushing blow when 10 test cases were rejected.

A challenge to the verdicts brought on generic issues and five of the lead cases was subsequently dismissed by the Court of Appeal last June.

With uncertainty surrounding the intention of thousands of those officers involved in the original case, a High Court judge is now planning to set them a deadline for confirming whether or not they want to continue.

Lawyers for the Chief Constable have already ruled out any further mediation and warned that any plaintiffs who proceed and lose their case will each face legal bills of at least 50,000.

Mr Justice Gillen is expected to allow time for any applications to strike-out cases once the deadline passes.

In the meantime he also confirmed today that the first batch of 10 actions have been selected.

"Their cases have been chosen at random and it is intended to process their cases," he said.

The judge added: "I have to protect the Article 6 right to a fair trial, but at the same time I have to recognise that a fair trial depends on the circumstances.

"The circumstances here are that if there is a very large number of cases I cannot allow them to be delayed. Justice delayed is often justice denied."

After a further review hearing was set for September one of those in the first 10 cases claimed they could lead to major revelations.

The retired Special Branch officer, who also requested anonymity, said outside court: "This could end up bigger than Bloody Sunday when all the cans of worms are opened."

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Northumbria Police latest lies in Martin McGartland case;

Northumbria Police latest lies in Martin McGartland case;

“Our main line of inquiry continues to be that Mr McGartland may have been shot by a person or people with Irish Republican sympathies, for reasons closely linked to his former life in Northern Ireland.”

Marty says; "If Northumbria Police repeat the above lie often enough they may begin to believe it."


If you want to read more about the Martin McGartland case, Northumbria Police cover-up go to Martin McGartland facebook, bebo or our blogs.

Monday, June 21, 2010

IRA's criminality ignored to keep process alive

Martin McGartland Knows All About It. Northumbria Police have been turning a blind-eye to his attemped murder by the IRA for 11 years, Marty stated from day one that Northumbria Police, Mi5 and others were doing so to keep the process alive.

IRA's criminality ignored to keep process alive

Belfast Telegraph, Monday, 21 June 2010

Last week was a tough week for the forgotten and innocent victims of terrorism.Wall-to-wall coverage of Saville, underscoring a perverse hierarchy of victims, along with the frenzied vilification of the security forces, has left many law-abiding citizens dismayed.

The First Minister's compliant acceptance and endorsement of Saville, without so much as a whimper about its findings that his partner, McGuinness, was in possession of a sub-machine gun and, if so, perjured himself, only added to the feeling that all sense of right and wrong has been so dumbed down to placate the 'peace process' that we are a society without any moral compass. The priority of preserving the terrorists in government process at all costs also explains the deliberate suppression of a most far-reaching event in Co Laois. In collaboration with Interpol, Gardai a few days ago discovered a huge currency counterfeiting operation in an IRA bunker, which has been netting the IRA millions across the world. Run by a 'pardoned' IRA murderer and three members of Sinn Fein it explodes the officially sanctioned myth IRA/Sinn Fein has abandoned all criminality and, thus, is fit for government.

If, as appears, IRA/Sinn Fein has indeed been caught out involved in an international currency counterfeiting operation, what action will we see from those who assured us they had ensured such criminality was over and that Sinn Fein was now fit to be partnered in government?

This should be a moment of truth. Sadly, I fear it will be another dishonest indulgence of denial, as preserving the process is again judged more important than getting worked up about a bit of international criminality by a party of government.


Leader, Traditional Unionist Voice

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Why won't Northumbria Police Tell The Truth, Martin McGartland

Letter by Martin McGartland;

Dear Sir,

Northumbria Police Press Release is fundamentally racist, politically motivated and also misleading.

I have to respond to Northumbria Police's Press Release, which was also reported in your newspaper on thursday 17th June 2010 regarding my June 1999 attempted murder. The Press Release Included the words "Our main line of inquiry,
therefore, continues to be that Mr McGartland may have been shot by a person or people with Irish Republican sympathies for reasons closely linked to his former life in Northern Ireland."

If Northumbria Police believe, as they have told me they believe, that my attempted murder was carried out by members or former members of the Provisional IRA who resented my work as a security force agent
they should say so in plain terms. Their attempts to skirt round this fact are not only misleading, they convey a subtext which is fundamentally racist.

For a start not all the suspects who I know of are Irish. Secondly Irish republicanism is a respectable political ideology which should not be equated with terrorism or murder. Fianna Fail, the ruling party in the Irish republic, describes itself as “the republican party” and is the largest republican organisation on the island. Most people who support a republican ideal have no truck terrorism and do not deserve to be pilloried in this way.

I am now formally calling on the Northumbria Police to amend the wording of their appeal and to make it clearer and fairer. It breaches their own code of conduct and if they refuse to amend it I will make a formal complaint and also take the matter further.

I also want to place on the record that I believe that Northumbria Police are involved in a cover-up when dealing with my 1999 attempted murder case. I also believe that Northumbria Police know who shot me and that they know where to find them but feel constrained from taking the appropriate action by political considerations.

Intended or not, this has the effect of protecting IRA terrorists who were involved in my shooting and reduces the effectiveness of their appeal.


Martin McGartland

Address withheld

Martin McGartland wrote the above letter after Northumbria Police said following;

News Release

Renewed appeal over shooting.

Dated: 17 Jun 2010
Northumbria Police

Police officers investigating the attempted murder of a man over a decade ago have renewed their appeal for information.

Martin McGartland was shot as he sat in his car in Duchess Street, Whitley Bay, 11 years ago today.

Despite being shot a number of times at close range, Mr McGartland survived the attack on June 17, 1999.

Although a number of arrests have been made, nobody has ever been charged with the attempted murder, and an extensive investigation is continuing.

Detective Chief Superintendent Chris Thomson, who is leading the investigation, said: "Although this was an unsuccessful attack, it was a cold-blooded, calculated murder attempt which caused Mr McGartland serious injuries.

"Our main line of enquiry continues to be that Mr McGartland may have been shot by a person or people with Irish Republican sympathies, for reasons closely linked to his former life in Northern Ireland.

"Mr McGartland's history as an agent for the then Royal Ulster Constabulary and his supplying of information about the Provisional IRA is a matter of public knowledge, documented in his own books on the subject."

Detectives are continuing to use DNA recovered from the scene to eliminate people from the investigation.

Other lines of enquiry centre around a van abandoned at the scene which had been bought only two days before the attack, and a message left on a telephone answering machine a few days earlier, asking about a van for sale. The caller had a Scottish accent, originating from somewhere in the Glasgow region.

Two semi-automatic pistols and some ammunition were found in the Gateshead area within months of the attack. One of the guns was forensically linked to the shooting and police believe those responsible may have stayed in the Gateshead area in the run up to the attack and possibly afterwards. This is another line of enquiry.

Det Chief Supt Thomson added: "Although nothing substantial came out of last year's appeal, which marked the 10th anniversary of the incident, we are determined to make sure that anyone who may have any information about this attack has the opportunity to come forward.

"Over time, word can leak out and be talked about. People's loyalties can change a lot in eleven years, and people may now be prepared to help us - it's a long time for people to keep silent about something like this.

"Anyone who may have information can contact Northumbria Police on 03456 043 043, ext 69191 or the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111."

Police still have an audio tape message left on a telephone answering machine a few days before the shooting by a man who is believed to be one of those involved in the attack. The caller was asking about the sale of a van which was similar to that used to conceal the gunman immediately before the shooting. To hear this tape again, log on to

Friday, June 18, 2010

Northumbria Police complaints, Martin McGartland attempted murder case, IRA - the cover-up

Martin McGartland was shot 6 times by the IRA outside his home in Whitley Bay in June 1999.
The IRA only discovered where Martin McGartland was living, and his new name, after Northumbria Police read out, in open court, his name and home address. Martin’s name and address was then published in UK newspapers. During the past two years Northumbria Police have peddled lies about above Martin McGartland’s case and have covered up IRA involvement in Martin’s 1999 attempted murder.

In Northumbria Police’s last two press releases, June 2009 and june 2010, they continue with their cover-up and their lies. They state; “Our main line of inquiry continues to be that Mr McGartland may have been shot by a person or people with Irish Republican sympathies, for reasons closely linked to his former life in Northern Ireland.”
Northumbria Police make this statement 10 and 11 years after Martin’s shooting and given they now have evidence and intelligence to show that the IRA were behind the shooting. Northumbria Police have been involved in a cover-up in the Martin McGartland case since the June 1999 shooting. They continue to protect those involved in the shooting and cover-up IRA involvement in the attack.

“I have asked Northumbria Police if there is any evidence to show that the IRA was involved in my shooting, Northumbria Police will not answer that question. I also asked if there was any intelligence that the IRA was involved, Northumbria Police said they would not answer question about intelligence. “, says Martin McGartland. The Cover-up continues.